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Custom textile design

If you have an idea for a design you'd like me to create, send me a brief and I can develop a print exclusively for you!

All custom prints include:

  • 2 revisions to make sure you are in love with your new print.

  • Artwork put into repeat

  • Pantone colour matching

  • Up to 3 colourways on your finished design

  • Mock-up of your print on one of our technical illustrations for you to check scale and colours.

  • 300 ppi psd final file

I offer different prices depending on the complexity of the print.

22-09-C Polka Dot YDG SS223.jpg

Basic Print

Sometimes you just need a basic block stripe, gingham or spot print to coordinate with your statement prints. This is cost on an hourly rate and usually takes 1-2 hours to complete.

$80 p/h + GST

Simple Print

A simple print to sit alongside with your statement prints, like one or two motif patterns.

$420 + GST

22-03-C Seagrass Floral YDG S22.png
Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 3.20.30 pm.png

Statement Print

Custom statement prints are the hero prints of your collection, and they have intricate details and a number of motifs.

$620 +GST

Individual Motifs

Sometimes you are looking for individual motifs to complement another print.


$100 + GST

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